Apollo 11: 50 years later- A missed opportunity for mankind

July 20, 2019

Apollo 11 was indeed a great moment and for a brief period brought together most of the nation and even much of the world to marvel at such an accomplishment. But as great as it was, it was only a distraction from the ongoing problems of the Vietnam War, and the cultural divides between young and old, rich and poor, blacks and whites, and educated and less educated. For a few days, we Americans were seemingly together, but there was no glue to hold us together. Nixon was already telling his lies about how he was going to end the war, while secretly planning a nuclear attack; money that should’ve been spent on improving education and health care was being spent on more needless trips to the moon; young people would soon be chastised for their celebration of love and peace at Woodstock; and while white male elites pounded their chests for this achievement, woman and poor blacks and Hispanics continued to be discriminated against and our inner cities continued to decay. All of that laid the foundation for the present state of affairs.

Some use the moon landing to tout America’s so-called exceptionalism, but the moment missed the opportunity to truly jump start this country toward being a great country rather than the still developing, morally and intellectually wrong minded nation it is. The moon landing is a moment to be celebrated but also one to be mourned for the opportunity we missed as a people to really make a giant leap for mankind.

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