An American in Ottawa – Day 1

June 26, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

Ottawa, Canada. Never been here before. On first blush, it seems like a beautiful city. We are staying at the Ottawa Marriott – on the 23rd floor. The room has a beautiful view that overlooks the Parliament Building and the Ottawa River.

We came here after dropping K, our daughter at music camp in Potsdam, NY.   She is a harpist and attends each year.  Ottawa was only a two hour jaunt north, so here we are.  Last night, after arriving, we walked near the river, toward a place called ByMarket.   On the way, we walked past the Parliament building, which mimics the Parliament building in London, including a “Big Ben” replica (Little Ben) and explored a little.  Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary so lots is going on

When we arrived at the “market” we discovered amy vegetable and fruit vendors. We could have had some delicious “Quebec” strawberries, if only we were on our way back to the hotel.   The vendors were selling them at a discount.   They looked so good.  We then barely beat a ferocious thunder storm into a pastry shop where  we had some tea and a pastry, while waiting out the storm.  While we sat, many people came in to them pastry shop, speaking many languages. It is very cosmopolitan. I like that.  We also discovered the pastry shop had cookies called “Obama Cookies”  Apparently, Mr. Obama had stopped at this pastry shop at some point and liked the cookies.

Afterward, we walked around the market area, and also down near the canal that goes through the city, past some war monuments and beautiful buildings. Then we had dinner at a restaurant called Three Brasseurs. Loretta had a flatbread pizza, which is called Flammekueches. It was very good. I had some ribs, which were also very good and a local beer.

Today, the sun is shining and we are planning to go to some museums.   But first, breakfast.

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